Zijin Media Think Tank (ZMT), a Jiangsu-based nonprofit institution, was founded in May 2015. It aims to provide up-to-date information and analysis about people’s livelihood issues and social mentality, to propose actionable ideas and suggestions for the policy community to address critical issues concerning China’s economic, social and cultural development, as well as to develop more intellectual products to facilitate open dialogues between China and other cultures.
The institution now has nearly 40 experts and consists of five research centers, including Center for Public Opinion and Social Mentality, Center for Internet and Media Development, Center for Social Risk and Public Policy, Center for Big Data and Social Computing, and Center for Petition and Social Conflict.
ZMT focuses on major policy changes, trends and effects at home and abroad, meanwhile investigates governments and publics’ reactions towards critical incidents. With the support of government, academia and media, the utilization of “Internet +” thought and big-data analysis technologies, ZMT follows closely on real time public opinions, social attitudes and issues so as to prevent social risks and provide advice on government policies.
Since its foundation, ZMT has been active in a wide range of areas, including releasing a series of research reports such as the “Survey on the Major Trend of 2015 Chinese Stock Market”, the “Report on the Chinese Citizen’s Economic Confidence (2015-2016)”, and the “Innovation Index of Chinese A-share Listed Firms 2016” and “China’s Online Charity Development Report”; hosting and organizing forums and Symposium such as the “Summit Forum on Pension System and Occupational Annuity under Supply-side Reform”, “Forum on State Governance and Petition System Reform” and “Jiangsu Distinctive Town Symposium 2017”, etc.
As a speaker for independence, authority and fairness, an active advocator and implementer of innovative corporate governance model, ZMT creates rich intellectual products for China’s opening and development. Together with think tanks around the world, ZMT is going to make more contribution to human welfare.