Positive and balanced social mentality is essential for the orderly operation and healthy development of a society. In an era of information explosion, “anxiety” and “impetuousness” become the most frequently occurring words in the media and on the Internet to describe the social mentality of the Chinese people. As social mentality often presents the “barometer” of social change, it is of vital importance for the policymakers to grasp and measure citizens’ social mentality in a scientific and accurate way.

With the backing of the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Nanjing University, Zijin Media Think Tank sets up the Center for Public Opinion and Social Mentality to take sociological and statistical methods to track, measure and study the current state of Chinese citizens’ public opinion and social mentality. By mobilizing and coordinating resources from elite universities, institutes and media, the Center is building a big database backed by a strong data collection, mining and analysis team, for the purpose of facilitating the policymakers to handle public opinion and social mentality issues in a quick and targeted way, and providing practical suggestions on social governance in China.